Monday, November 1, 2010

Ulduar Hat-Trick - Mimiron's Head, Iron-Bound Protodrake and Astral Walker

I was going to post a very lengthy guide on warrior tanking in 4.0, but I was rather lucky in Ulduar this evening and just had to share it! And also some short thoughts on the healing.

Trying to find new and interesting challenges before Cataclysm, my guild had set out to do Yogg+0 and get people some Mimiron mounts. Mimiron's Head happens to be the coolest mount in the game. The only mounts about as cool are Ashes of Alar and that damn Headless Horsemans mount that just won't drop for me.

We had cleared Ulduar last week and went on today to focus on just killing Yogg. We downed him on our third try. Our first try people failed miserably on the clouds in phase 1, on our second try people died in phase 3 and then we got him. I thought Sanity was going to be the big problem for this fight, seeing as you can't replenish it at all, but actually the adds in phase 3 turned out to be the biggest problem. So if you want to do this, save everything for the last phase and make sure to really nuke him down, because you won't be able to keep the tanks up for long.

Everyone rolled on the Mimiron's Head that dropped at the end and I won with a whopping 100 roll! I am now proud owner of the coolest mount ever. It makes the funniest sounds and looks so awesome, I love it. It's weird though that more people don't have it since Yogg+0 really wasn't that difficult. We had even pugged some 5 people in our 25man raid. Yogg is one of my favorite fights for Wotlk, and I'm looking forward to going back for more mounts to the rest of the guild.

Iron-Bound Protodrake
Having killed Yogg we went on to finish the achis we hadn't done the week earlier to get everyone the Iron-Bound Protodrake. That of Ignis, Razorscale and Iron Council. Compared to Yogg+0 this was some really easy achis to get. The only slightly tricky one was collecting dwarves on Razorscale because they just kept on dying. Fortunately you don't have to do them all in one go.

Astral Walker
Seeing as we were done doing everything we had planned for the evening way ahead of schedule, we set out to give Algalon a try. The good thing about Algalon is you can only wipe on him for an hour, then he disappears and you have to try it all over the next week. We had some wipes on him as well, and the aoe damage from the Collapsing Stars is actually really tough to heal through, even with our current gear. Kudos to anyone who got this with Ulduar gear.

If you're interested, here are my recounts for healing Yogg and Algalon. 
The above is from Yogg. Shielding is nearly half of my healing, and atonement pretty high on nearly one tenth. I've even started to use Flash Heal way more than before. Even after all the healing I had to do, mana was never an issue. With archangel I get more than 7k mana every 30 seconds if I keep smiting. Crazy really.

This is from Algalon. Having PoH on top stands as a proof of the heavy aoe damage you have to heal through on that fight. I actually thought healing Algalon was tougher than Yogg, but the fight is easier. If that makes any sense. It's easy because you "just" have to aoe-heal alot. On Yogg you have to cleanse, dispel, avoid stuff and whatnot aswell.


  1. Congrats on the head! Definitely one of, if not THE, coolest mounts in the game! :D

  2. Thanks! I'm usually not a collector, but there are still some things in the game I've always wanted to have. This was one of those :) But I encourage anyone who's in a decent 25man raiding guild to try to get one!

  3. Woho! Congrats to you! That is one awesome mount :)