Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not Much To Say That Hasn't Already Been Said

I'm having way too much fun playing to write a sensible post, and you're all probably having way too much fun playing to read anything of length. There isn't much to say really, that hasn't already been said in any WoW-blog that's still being updated. I've got plenty of posts ready-written already of course, but it all seems so out of place now.

  • I love the new areas.
  • I absolutely frickin adore the new troll druids, and it was the first thing I made once I could log on again (after a really long and tedious work shift).
  • I love the new music.
  • I love the fact that I am checking the skies to see if Deathwing will burn my face to bacon every other minute.

We can safely say that Azeroth really needed this facelift. Blizzard recognized that and did what had to be done. We've all been screaming "MOVE THAT BUS!" for a couple of weeks now, and here we have the result. Do we like it? I know I am. I'll leave you with that, because I have to go back and enjoy my little troll druid, the new areas and everything else that is so fancy and shiny some more, and so do you. This is the Shattering bit**es, enjoy yourselves!


  1. The first sign of cataclysm were indeed the grouping troll druid punks in cat-form.

    Question! Did you spawn in front of this stone, which holds a skeleton too ? I wonder who he or she was.

    By the way: The new goblin mount looks pretty awesome and is easily to reach withing one day through farming heroics, while wearing the tabard. However, once you got them, they begin to suck D:

  2. You mean when I spawned with my troll druid? Can't remember honestly. Would have to run back and check ^^ I haven't checked out the goblin mount either. Gah, it's all too much to take in!