Monday, November 8, 2010

PvE Pet Buff/Debuff Guide (4.0)

I figured it was about time to collect all the new pets we're able, and even supposed, to handle nowadays. This isn't the first time Blizzard have completely revamped the pet system, and we've come a long way from how pets originally worked.
Remember when pets had different attack speeds making some pets vastly superior over others? Everyone wanted Broken Tooth, a rare spawn in Badlands, back then because he had the fastest attack speed and therefore was the best dps pet.
Remember when you had to level your pets from scratch? Whatever level your pet was when you caught it kept, and you had to level it all the way to max level manually. This meant taming lowbie pets was a real nuisance since your pet only got exp from mobs that you got exp from. So if you tamed a level 10 pet at level 60 you had to basically grind mobs all by yourself for the 50 levels your pet needed. Fortunately, pets never leveled as slowly as players.
Remember when they first introduced exotic pets in BC? They were overpowered and it seemed everyone used a Devilsaur back then, which for a time was the raiding pet to have.
Over the years they've normalized pet damage, introduced pet talents and varying pet skills, made it so that pets are only a maximum of 3 levels below you when tamed, made it so you could call a pet from the stables (without actually having to go there) and now finally given each pet a skill that corresponds to a buff or debuff given by a class.

Not all of these buffs are worth using in endgame pve of course, a few seem to be mainly aimed at pvp-utility. This will be a list on the pve-buffs/debuffs however. Some facts about the new skills;

  • You need to be Beastmaster, aka be able to tame exotic pets, to be able to get all the buffs/debuffs.
  • You don't need to fill your stables to get all the pve-buffs, as the PvE-buffs/debufs are only 12 (9 regular pets and 3 exotic pets), leaving 13 slots to fill with any pet you like!
  • Ferocity Pets are still the ones dealing the most damage
  • Apparently the Worms Burrow attack is the best aoe-damage for hunters right now (since Multi-shot was nerfed and Volley was removed)

I've listed the buffs worth having and what pet gives it, in some cases several, and also what player class can provide the buff. All the information is compiled from the ever-awesome pet site Petopia, so if you wish to find even more information in this matter (like where to find a certain pet) I suggest you check it out! Some information is taken from as well. This is just meant to be a quick check-list for the hunter on-the-go who wants to get his stables of pets up to date with 4.0 and Cataclysm. Like mentioned I haven't included the skills I think belong to pvping, like stuns, disarms, silences and movement slowing effects. Also there will be additional pets in Cataclysm which I will add to the list at that point. Some claim that pets now can bring all the debuffs/buffs as players can to a raid, but as far as I can tell this is far from true, there are plenty of buffs/debuffs still that only players can give.

PvE Pet Buffs/Debuffs
  • 4% extra physical damage - Ravager/Worm - Combat Rogue/Frost Death Knight/Arms Warrior
  • 20% armor reduction - Serpent/Raptor - Warrior/Feral Druid/Rogue (Apparently player armor debuff is weaker, only reducing armor by 12%).
  • 25% reduced casting speed - Sporebat/Core Hound (Exotic) - Warlock/Arcane Mage/Rogue/Death Knight
  • 8% increased magical damage - Wind Serpent/Dragonhawk - Warlock/Balance Druid/Unholy Death Knight/Assassination Rogue
  • Strength/agility buff - Cat/Spirit Beast (Exotic) - Shaman/Warrior/Death Knight
  • 30% increased bleed damage - Hyena/Boar/Rhino (Exotic) - Feral Druid/Sublety Rogue/Arms Warrior
  • 20% reduced attackspeed - Tallstrider - Feral Druids/Death Knights/ Protection Paladins
  • 5% crit - Wolf/Devilsaur (Exotic) - Feral Druid/Elemental Shaman/ Subtlety Rogue/Fury Warrior
  • 10% reduced physical damage - Bear - Warrior/Feral Druid Bear/Warlock/Blood Death Knight/Protection Paladin
  • Stamina - Silithid (Exotic) - Priest/Warrior/Warlock (Imp)
  • Bloodlust (Heroism) - Core Hound (Exotic) - Shaman/Mage (Cataclysm)
  • 25% reduced healing taken - Devilsaur (Exotic) - Rogue/Arms & Fury Warrior/Hunter/Shadow Priest/Demonology Warlock (Felguard)

And as a bonus - buffs/debuffs not covered by pets
  • 10% melee haste - Shaman/Frost Death Knight/Survival Hunter
  • 10% Attack Power - Enhancement Shaman/Marksman Hunter/Blood Death Knight/Paladin
  • 5% Spell Haste - Balance Druid/Shadow Priest/Shaman
  • 10% Spell Power - Demonology Warlock/Elemental Shaman
  • 6% Spell Power - Mage/Shaman
  • 3% damage - Arcane Mage/Beast Master Hunter/Retribution Paladin
  • 5% base stats - Paladin/Druid
  • Intellect - Mage/Warlock (Felhunter)
  • Armor - Shaman/Paladin
  • Spell Resistance - Shaman/Paladin/Druid (priests and hunters brings specific non-stackable resistances as well)
  • Replenish - Shadow Priest/Frost Mage/Destruction Warlock/Restoration Druid/Retribution Paladin
  • Mp5 - Warlock (Felhunter)/Shaman/Paladin

Hope this was to some help and let me know if something is missing!

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